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Electrical Safety Inspections are important in identifying potential electrical fire risks or hazards around the home or office. This comprehensive assessment includes in service safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment and comes with a full electrical safety inspection report and adjustments are made to any fixtures that require attention at the time.

LB Connect Electrical & Data Services are a team of fully licensed electricians that abide by the use of a comprehensive ‘Active Safety System’ in all of our work and satisfaction guarantee comes as standard. We have both residential electrical safety inspection checklists and home electrical safety inspection checklists.

In addition to electrical safety inspection work we also offer commercial services, residential services and electrical maintenance. The main areas we cover include the Eastern Suburbs, Bondi and the surrounding areas. Contact us today.

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Electrical Safety Inspections Sydney

Safety is paramount when it comes to your electrics. We’ve encountered many people who have not put safety first and they don’t appreciate its importance until its too late. A safe electrical system could be the difference between life and death. If you feel there is something hazardous going with your electrics, contact us immediately.

We’re an established company in Sydney when it comes to local professional electrical contractors. We conduct safety inspections across residential homes as well as facilitate enquiries from corporate entities who require electrical testing or assessments. Our team always bring all the potential tools we might need and are using the latest technological equipment in market to locate the root of an electrical problem. From there we take the necessary action to resolve the issue.

If you suspect there is something faulty where you are. Don’t delay. Please give us a call.

What's Involved With An Electrical Safety Inspection

An electrical inspection service can involve a variety of works. The majority of inspections usually include the following:

Inspecting Lights
Lights can often cause electrical surges so we will typically look at every light fixture in the building and make sure everything is as it should be.

Switchboard Assessment
We’ll review the switchboard as well as any safety switches. These items function to ensure that you’re protected from electrical spikes or overloads. We’ll run checks to ensure that their running efficiently and aren’t malfunctioning in any way.

Electrical System Audit
The first part here is to ensure that your electrical systems are working correctly. We’d look for any visible damage and look at voltage levels. From there it’s a case of going around and inspecting every electrical appliance (washing machine, oven etc) and conducting tests.

Broken or Exposed Wiring
We check all wiring to ensure that there isn’t any visible damage anywhere. Damaged wiring can lead to fires so this element of our inspection is a critical element.

DIY Jobs
Any electrical works carried out by someone other than a qualified professional will be reviewed to check that they’ve been completed properly. It’s not uncommon for these sort of works to have loose connections or for there to be something out of place.

When Is The Right Time For An Electrical Safety Inspection?

For commercial premises an electrical safety inspection should happen at least once a year. The below is a rough guide for when we’d recommend an inspection take place:

When buying or renting a home for the first time
When selling a home
If your home is older than ten years using dated electrical systems
Residential home should have one done every 3-5 years
Commercial entities should be once a year
Industrial building should be done every 3-6months

Benefits of An Electrical Safety Inspection

We’re one of the most established electricians in Sydney. There’s a reason we’re recommended time and again for electrical safety inspections and it’s because of how experienced we are. We don’t rush our work and are experts in fault finding and repairs.

We’ll review your full electrical system and ensure none of your equipment or circuits are overloaded. We’ll review your surge protectors and consumer mains to ensure their lifespans aren’t being affected by any electrical surges.
Across older buildings we’ll also review older electrical systems and check your grounding system is still in satisfactory condition to avoid any problems in the future across your systems or appliances.

Ultimately our inspections centre on your safety meeting Government standards. These are the highest standards and when it comes to ensuring safety it’s something we should all be entitled to.

If you’d like us to come and inspect your property please call 0497106013. If your requirements are an emergency, we’ll be able to send someone out in the shortest amount of time and offer a free basic inspection across every job we carry out.

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